There is always a time when there is some leftover steak from your all-time favorite steakhouse. Don’t let it all go to waste. There are many deliciously resourceful ways to reuse the ribeye, porterhouse or strip steaks by Rib n Reef. Here are some ideas for the same.

  • Whip up some steak tacos

Everyone love tacos. We suggest you to use the leftover steaks to make some exceptional tacos. Mix your leftover steak with some lime, corn tortillas, soft cheese and tomato chile sauce for a delicious meal. Also, add some radishes and cilantro to make it look pleasing, and some chips and guacamole on the side.

  • Eat it in your breakfast next day

Steak and eggs are essential for a hearty and healthy breakfast. Use the steak as a meaty base for your eggs benedict on a toast with beans and salsa or just chop your steak and put it into a frittata. You can also use it in a country hash with diced tomatoes and peppers.

  • Create a Philly Cheese steak

Nothing holds a candle to a good Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. Slice your steak and add gooey cheese, a toasted bun, peppers and onions to make it a decadent treat.

  • Make a quick steak pizza

Use your steak on the pizza dough spread and create a quick pizza by adding whatever is there in your fridge. You can use marinara sauce, cheese of your choice, and any veggies that are in your fridge. If you don’t have enough dough, you can also use Naan flatbreads.

  • Steak lettuce cups

These are perfect if you are seeking something lighter. Add the sliced steak with some chopped cucumbers, chile sauce and cherry tomatoes. Wrap it in tender and crispy lettuce.

  • Cook up a quick stir fry

If you have rice noodles, steak and broccoli, then you can have a quick stir fry in a matter of minutes. Also if you have some Kung Pao chili oil, we would recommend this the most to pair up with it.

  • Make soup

Add some veggies, the essential spices, all-purpose flour, butter and beef broth. Mix them well to make it a frothy soup.

  • Salads for the win!

You can create Thai Beef salad by adding the veggies and top it with a quick chili sauce and lime juice dressing.

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