Everyone needs to be somewhere all the time and for that many prefer to take personal cars. However, that isn’t always an option and for those inopportune moments one needs to have a car service Chicago firms offer, or even in New Orleans or anywhere else. While there are a variety of car service providers who promise a lot of facilities, there are some base facilities which shouldn’t be compromised with, like:

Scheduling rides

Doesn’t matter if the firm provides Car service Chicago wide or Pittsburgh wide or not, it will have to guarantee that the car will be there when the customer needs it. While there is the on-demand-booking which basically means that one will get the car right away but a feature which alerts users on how far the car is and perhaps also allows them to book rides from 3 mins to 30 days in advance will be really beneficial. The facility should also periodically remind users about the booking and inform them about the cancellation terms as well so that there aren’t any issues later.

Travel options

Offering a single type of travel option, like the single passenger ride will be detrimental to the growth of the car service business. Instead, offering various kinds of pool rides and that too in different varieties of cars ranging from sedans and SUVs to limos will ensure that there are always satisfied customers who have multiple options to pick from and this in turn will also signify a thriving business.

Saved places

Passengers will obviously have some fixed places that they have to travel to frequently or for regular intervals; it maybe work, a relative’s house, fitness center and many such. But entering the addresses of these places again and again can be time consuming and that’s why there is an easy way out. There is a feature which allows users to save their favourite or most often travelled destinations. Bookmarking such places saves a lot of time and eases the whole process.


Car service wide or in some remote area must have provisions to accept both card and cash payments since either of them might not be popular in some places. Apart from cash and card payments, having provisions for PayPal payments will enable any business go stay ahead by offering a variety of easy payment methods so that the customer isn’t restricted to one.

Sharing status

There may be traffic jams or other issues on the road which might delay the ride. While it is inconvenient for the rider but it also worries the people who are waiting for the passenger’s arrival. As such there must be a way to send texts with the required details of the driver and the car, where is the car currently stuck etc so as to put their family and friends or others at ease and without typing out long texts on other apps.

Adding more stops

It might happen that passengers need to stop at several stops on the route to buy something, head over quickly to their friends’ place or even pick up some friends. The service must allow for these adjustments en-route.

An overall flexible service which cares for its customers’ well being, provides a variety of options and is willing to cooperate with passengers will surely flourish.

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