One thing is special to Germany is that most of the important cities of the country has their own brands of Beer, which can be identified with the city. You visit to Cologne where you will find Kölsch beer, if you are in Berlin then you will be greeted with Berliner Kindl or Berliner Pilsner. As a matter of fact, you will find Germans are obsessed with drinking beer. With beer, Germans usually keep connection with their people and roots, history and tradition.

If you are on Berlin craft beer tours then you will find that following three beer brands are considered as a holy trinity.

  • Berliner Kindl
  • Berliner Pilsner
  • Schultheiss

Any German you meet in this city will have any one of the above brands as their favorite choice of beer.

Berliner Kindl

This is one of the traditional beers of Berlin and its origin can be traced back to 1872. By looking at its logo, you can identify this brand of beer with a little kid who is trying to climb out of the glass of beer. Little kids in German language are known as kindl. This logo was designed in 1906. You will find this beer in any bar or restaurants in Berlin and is used sparingly in any of the celebrations or cultural events.


This beer has completely different image from the beer that was mentioned above. This is also a traditional beer and mostly meant for common people who want to enjoy after hard day’s work. This beer brand also exists since 1842. During 1891, they merged with many other brands that existed then and became a bigger brewery company.

Berliner Pilsner

This is relatively new brand which started in 1963 when Berlin was under GDR before breaking of Berlin wall. The authorities of GDR decided to have a good quality of strong beer.

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