Occasions are special and deserve to be celebrated in a grand and royal way. Udaipur can be your go-to option for celebrating the special occasions in your life. Here are five occasions that you can choose to celebrate in this city:

New Year’s Eve

New Year parties amp up the liveliness of a city and Udaipur is no stranger when it comes to this. Visit Udaipur, book a stay in one of the Udaipur hotels, and ask around for the happening events in the city; from masquerade parties to great DJ nights, you can find it all in Udaipur. You don’t need to be pumped up with excitement for New Year ’s Eve as you can also celebrate the occasion with a quiet evening by the lakeside. The venues come with plenty of options like a separate kids section, photo-shoots, and so much more.

Valentine’s Day

Udaipur is frequently called the most romantic city in India. Udaipur is set beside the beautiful Lake Pichola, which creates an air of romance in the city. The city is filled with havelis, palaces, temples and forts, and offers something or the other for romantic couples to explore on a romantic vacation, right from indulging in some trinket shopping at the local flea market or catching the sunset at a lake.


Your birthday is the day that you can celebrate like a king /queen and what better place than Udaipur to bring in the royalty to the celebrations. Udaipur is filled with restaurants and party venues where you can organise your birthday party. Venues in Udaipur come with in-house DJ space for the crowd to dance on, places offering adventure activities, karaoke stages, and many more.


Udaipur is a popular destination in India for weddings; any desire or plan of conducting a royal wedding usually ends up with Udaipur being the final choice of the wedding venue. You can opt for a lake palace in Udaipur, which is typically a palace-turned-hotel beside a lake. Having a beautiful lake as the backdrop of your wedding can add a dimension of ‘royalty’ to the celebration. Check out some of the best Udaipur hotels to know which lake palace in Udaipur will be perfect for your wedding.


As mentioned above, Udaipur is filled with palaces and has an atmosphere of love that you can experience on your honeymoon in Udaipur. Couples visiting Udaipur can experience the beautiful hotels in Udaipur, the luxurious resorts, Udaipur’s fantastic architecture, some beautifully-manicured gardens, picturesque forts, and pebbled streets.  Winter would be the best time to plan your honeymoon and a minimum of 4 days would be ideal to enjoy the city during your honeymoon thoroughly.

Now that you have some idea on how Udaipur can suit your celebration needs, you may go ahead and choose your locations and attractions of interest, select from some of the best hotels in Udaipur, and enjoy your stay in the city.

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