Nothing is more vital for a person to succeed at learning to fly than finding a great ‘flight instructor’. There are numerous good flight instructors in the business of aviation, but you must find them.There are also individuals who don’t really like teaching or run their business well. Unlike golf clubs and cars that are fancy, flight instruction is likely to be something a potential pilot has never asked questions about (or even if they should ask questions) has the best instructor come to the top. If you want the best flight training – ask the best questions.


Without the right data lots of students end up with bad instruction and people who should have been pilots become pedestrians. There are a few questions that will help any potential student (and that does include you). The objective is to try to spot the ones who will be a good instructor.


  • Why did you become a flight instructor? The reason to know if they should talk about or mention or hint that they love to fly as well as share that love of flying with others.

  • What are the chances of you being hired by an airline or other company in the next 6 months?

If they say that there is a chance of them being hired by a commuter airline especially in the next 6 months; you might have to find another instructor, so look for someone else to begin flying training with.

  • May I speak with 3 of your previous private pilot students? How do other students feel about this person?

  • How much ground instructions do you do on every lesson?

  • What is the average time and how many hours does it take a typical student who trains reliably to get a private pilot certificate?

  • How many hours will it take before the student can solo?

These are all good questions that will help you find a good flight instructor.

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