For many people, choosing a hotel is simply part of preparing for a trip, it’s a decision like any other, just like buying a plane or train ticket! After all, what matters is what you do in the city you visit, right?

In reality, not quite! Good accommodation can make your trip even more enjoyable and a bad experience can ruin your stay. This is worth asking the question: how to choose a hotel?

#1: Choose the hotel thinking about transportation

The first criterion for choosing a hotel is often the budget – which is reserved upstream or at the last minute. We have a rough idea of ​​the amount we do not want to exceed and we try to find the best hotel in the budget!

There are almost always interesting promotional offers online, whether on the site of the hotel itself or through a third party site.

#2: Choosing a well-placed hotel

Hotels near the main attractions of a city are usually more expensive but sometimes it’s worth the math: a more central hotel will save you less time on the road. Moreover, in some cities like London where the metro is very expensive, it is sometimes more interesting to stay close to the center than to pay a fortune in transport by moving away. You can consider hotels like Auberge Le Pomerol Montréal if you are visiting anywhere around Montreal.

Choosing a well-placed hotel is also saving yourself a lot of fatigue and giving yourself the opportunity to return to the hotel easily if necessary.

#3: Identify important equipment and services for you

We do not all have the same expectations when we choose a hotel and we do not have the same expectations depending on the nature of the trip and the people we are leaving!

For example, for a wellness stay, you may be looking for a hotel with spa and pool. For a stay with friends, a hotel with a nice bar. If you like to party, you will appreciate a hotel with a 24-hour front desk. Wifi in the room, parking, air conditioning can also be decision criteria.

#4: Look at the terms of payment and cancellation

I do not like to cancel at the last moment, out of respect for the hotelier who will not necessarily get to “rebook” a room canceled late but it happened to me! A new job falling right at the time of a stay abroad, I decided to postpone this trip to later. Being able to cancel your reservation free of charge is a real asset.

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