Finally. You are going on a Caribbean Yacht Tour and you want to fill your dream vacation with memories that will last forever. The Caribbean is famous for its beautiful seascapes, landscapes and everything inbetween. But we all know it’s the experiences that make any vacation both exciting and memorable. Here are some out of the ordinary experiences you should consider.

  1. Play With Wild Pigs:  The Caribbean is famous for its gorgeous sea life that graces the coast, but did you know there are wild pigs that live on the white beaches too? There is a special place the locals fondly call, “Pig Beach” where brown and pink wild pigs enjoy living and playing in the sand. Visitors and locals can watch in delight. Some say the pigs were dropped onto the island by sailors many years ago. Others believe they swam to shore after a shipwreck, but however they arrived, everyone agrees that Pig Beach is a once in a lifetime, must-see stop in the Caribbean.
  2. Swim With The Amazing Stingrays:  There are a series of shallow sandbars known as Stingray City north of Grand Cayman Islands that offers visitors a breathtaking view of stingrays swimming in the Caribbean’s crystal waters. These friendly stingrays who are accustomed to visitors and seem to “show off” while gracefully dancing in the waters. Visitors can also stand in the water right with the stingrays or put on scuba gear and sit on the floor of the ocean to view the magnificent creatures in their habitat. Some say this is the best of the best experience in the Caribbean.
  3. Watch Whales Fall In Love:  Humpback whales are some of the most magnificent creatures in the world. Each and every year, hundreds and hundreds of humpbacks swim to the Dominican Republic’s Samana Bay, known as a breeding ground for this species. Love is in the air between mid-January and late March offering visitors many opportunities to see a whale-sized love story. This is their mating period and the humpback males are known to sing a courting song to win his lover’s affection which is an awesome sight.
  4. Take A Picturesque Hike:  Those who enjoy a physical challenge with a gorgeous view should hike the Waitukubull National Trail in Dominica during their Caribbean Yacht Tour. This 115-mile trail, known as Nature Island spreads from coast to coast and is broken into 14 different sections. Hikers can take one or two leisurely smaller treks or tackle them all for a breathtaking and memorable experience.