The best way to travel across the US on a budget is to take advantage of the deals that flights offer. That is not to say that other means of transport are not convenient. Ideally, you can spend very little by using a bus, a train, or services from RV rental service like RV Hire USA. Plan well and pick the dates that have better offers. You should also pick the destination and departure location well to reduce your costs of travel.

 Travelling by Train

The train is a great travel option if you prefer to experience the scenery as opposed to the speed of travel. Using the train will allow you to check out the amazing views like the Nevada desert areas, the San Fransisco Bay, the Colorado landscape, and many other scenes. You might take up to 4 days to travel across the country, and in the travel, you might switch trains several times, depending on your routes.

Your trip might cost a couple of hundred dollars, almost the same as a normal cross-country flight. If you use a no-frills train i.e. no sleeper car option, you will sleep on your seat throughout the trip. Alternatively, you can go for options that offer showers. But for affordable costs and a comfortable trip, use the train for a part of the trip, or sleep in hotels between train trips.

Bus trip

Bus trips offer different departure and destination options compared to the train ride, for almost the same price. For a long bus trip, you will have many stops; you have to consider taking longer layovers. You also need to be okay with bus breaks or rest stops along the way that could take up a lot of hours. Since you can’t walk around the bus, it is less comfy to use the bus. Although it is not the most comfortable ride, you can save a lot of cash as you travel across the country.

Cross-Country Trips

To get the best flights, book when deals are on offer because you could end up spending less than travelling by bus or rail. Budget airlines tend to run sales that are unbelievably low. For example, a trip that spans thousands of dollars can cost less than $50. But for the budget airlines like Spirit and Frontier, fees on carry-on bags and the seat you choose can be charged, but all in all, the trip will be affordable and convenient. To get these deals, sign up for the newsletters from the airlines and check out the super sales when the offers arise.

When you fly from New York to Los Angeles, cities that are competitive, you can land better deals compared to flying across less popular cities. You can also get offers on nonstop flights for a price range between $300 – $400.

A Road Trip

If you decide to go for a road trip to Los Angeles from New York, you should plan to travel close to 2,800 miles. For this trip, divide the distance by the average gas mpg of your vehicle, and multiply the result by the price for a gallon of gasoline. For this type of trip, you need to hire a good vehicle that is suited for long trips. RV Hire USA can offer you such kind of vehicles. You will be able to reduce the cost of hotel bookings or meals because an RV offers this amenity.

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