Location El Gouna .. Perfect as it should be!

The main attraction of Hurghada Excursions is the wonderful location that makes it a tourist destination that is always close to everyone, Egyptian citizens or Arab and Gulf tourists, and tourists from all over the world.

The advantages of the El Gouna website are explained below.

  • Local El Gouna Location

  • The first axis is the location of El Gouna Excursions in the local dimension, and we mean the location of
  • the El Gouna for the governorates and the Egyptian capital, which makes it in the heart of the tourist areas that can be intended for tourists inside Egypt.

  • It is enough to know that it is just 20 km from Hurghada, and is located just north of Hurghada International Airport, which means it is very close to the capital of the Red Sea tourist, so you can stay in the hotels of Hurghada, starting directly to the resort El Gouna.

  • The distance between Cairo and El Gouna makes the distance between them much less “temporal” and can be cut in only three and a half hours.

  • Apart from Cairo, El Gouna is an ideal place for tourists from Upper Egypt and Central Egypt, as well as residents of Giza and Upper Delta governorates.

  • In addition to the location of El Gouna, the location of the city provides easy access to many of the natural wonders in Egypt, historical sites and archaeological treasures.
  • The ancient temples of Luxor and Aswan are only a short drive away, and day and round trips to Luxor, Aswan, Cairo and Sinai can be arranged easily from El Gouna.

Regional Location

Another advantage of the El Gouna site on the Red Sea coast is that it approaches the city and the port of Safaga on the Red Sea coast not more than 50 kilometers away.

The port of Safaga is also connected to the Saudi port of Jeddah, which means that the Gulf Arab tourists can easily reach the tourist product through the Red Sea crossing from the Saudi side to the Egyptian counterpart via the Jeddah / Safaga ports.

This site is characterized by the ability to attract Arab tourists in an easy way and without hardship or trouble borne by tourists because of Ausflüge Delfintour.

International Location

El Gouna is located 25 km north of Hurghada and only four hours away from the major capitals of Europe. The city is easily accessible from Europe via Hurghada International Airport, which is very close to the city.

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